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Party Time Word Search Poster on Desk

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A portion of the College Life puzzle solution

Our posters may make for a great conversation piece, but they also are a lot of fun to solve.

We offer our posters in a variety of instantly-downloadable files which you can print and assemble into the posters and start solving right away – no need to wait for delivery!

Our posters come with full solutions too, so if you get stuck or just need a little inspiration, the answers are there waiting for you. We include them free with your purchase!

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Our posters also make for great classroom activities. If you’re a teacher, you can even print a new one for each class, since we provide you the files for printing. You can print as many copies as you like!

We even have posters that are perfect for Bible Study, Sunday school, or church functions. Our Christianity poster has 540 terms! That will keep some folks busy for a while…

guy with college life poster

Waiting Rooms

If you have a business that involves a waiting room, like doctors, dentists, orthodontists, automotive repair centers, clinics, or even jury duty waiting rooms, you can provide your visitors something fun to do for very low cost, since you can print a new copy whenever needed!

Our College Life puzzle, makes for a great college dorm room decoration, and with 800 terms, it will take a while to solve!

Exercise Your Brain

elderly woman at table solving puzzle

Do you have any family members or friends who could use a fun and engaging activity for a little mental workout? Word search puzzles have been shown to exercise memory functions, improve concentration, and may even help fight off the effects of dementia.

mom going crazy

Puzzle Therapy

Maybe you’re just looking for the most common use of all for our puzzles: something relaxing to do and escape from the stress of the day.

We’re here for you!

You can even use them for an icebreaker at a party! Even if you don’t solve the puzzle, it’s sure to start a conversation!

When you order a Word Search Poster, you get:

  • Immediate access for downloading and printing, or you can save the file for printing at your convenience.
  • Your purchase includes several printing options and sizes, so you can see which one you like best.
  • We’ll even give you the full solutions in a printable format, free with your purchase, in case you get stuck.
  • YOU CAN PRINT AS MANY COPIES AS YOU LIKE, provided you don’t sell them to others (that’s our job!)

Cut and Assemble a Word Search Puzzle PosterPrint and Assemble

You can print and assemble a poster in a few minutes using our cut-and-assemble format! Just cut along the dotted lines, tape it together and you’re ready to start solving! Need help? Learn more about how to print and assemble a word search poster.

For a large-format, high-quality print, you even can have your poster professionally printed at your local Kinko’s or a print shop – We’ll give you the files for printing a single-sheet puzzle!

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