How to Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster

Instructions for assmbling your poster are below. For this example, we used a 3×3 format with 9 pages total.

It took about 9 minutes to assemble this poster, including stopping to take pictures for you. Your assembly time may vary.

A NOTE ABOUT TAPE: for quickest results, use invisible tape that you can write on, so you can tape the poster together from the front. Put some tape on some scrap paper and try writing on it before using it.

You can also assemble the posters using double-stick tape if you prefer not to see the tape when the poster is assembled, or you can tape the sheets from the back side. Double-stick tape or taping the back side takes a little more skill and patience, but the tape won’t be exposed on the final poster. It’s up to your preference.

If you’re really ambitious, you can buy some cardboard, foam core or posterboard and attach the sheets to that. Feel free to experiment. If you make a mistake, you can always print another page or the whole set again!

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 1
Step 1

Print out all the pages of your selected format at the same print settings and scale.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 2
Step 2

Arrange the pages in the appropriate rows and columns. Start in the upper left corner and overlap the pages left to right, then down.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 3
Step 3

Starting at the lower right page, pick it up and cut off the top margin and the left margin. Cut along the dashed line, but make sure the line is removed by the cut. You don’t need to cut off the bottom or right margins unless you want to for the final appearance. The suggested edges to cut are shown in red in this photo. Repeat this step for the other pages. Note that some pages will only require one cut, and the upper-left page won’t need to be cut at all.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 4
Step 4

Using invisible tape, align the pages and tape them together. Pay attention to the puzzle border and the spacing in the puzzle letter field, since misalignments there will be noticeable after assembly.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 5
Step 5

Continue assembling the poster. You can work from left to right or top to bottom. If you misalign a sheet, you may be able to pull the tape back up and reattach it. If you damage one, just print a replacement sheet.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 6
Taping Tip #1

It helps keep the tape straight, aligned, and uncrinkled if you can tape the page to the table or another surface where the tape will come off without damaging the table or the tape. That way, one sheet is pre-taped and you can carefully align the pages before pressing the tape down on the other page.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 7
Taping Tip #2

To control a long run of tape better and keep it from curling back on itself, press one end of the tape on the page (and table) where you want it, then pull the tape dispenser away from that anchor point, using the tape’s tension to keep control while you measure out the appropriate length. Try to press the tape to the paper with a continuous motion from one end to the other to prevent bunching or crinkling of the tape.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 8
Taping Tip #3

Using transparent tape allows you to see through it to make sure the pages are aligned before you press down on the tape. Use two hands to keep tension on the tape and keep the sheets unattached until you’re ready to press down.

Print and Assemble a Word Search Poster - Step 9
Step 6

Finish assembling, trim off any unwanted margins, and enjoy!